The Masterplan Build 8.0 / [2014, Экшены, Инди, Стратегии] торрент игры

The Masterplan Build 8.0 / [2014, Экшены, Инди, Стратегии]

Жанр: Экшены, Инди, Стратегии 
Разработчик: Shark Punch 
Издательство: Shark Punch 
Сайт разработчика: 
Язык интерфейса: Английский 
Платформа: PC 

Системные требования: 
*Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 
*Процессор: Core 2 Duo or Higher 
*Оперативная память: 1 Гб 
*Видеокарта: NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ or higher 
*Места на жестком диске: 100 Мб 

Может быть Вы мечтали когда-нибудь совершить самое крупное ограбление в истории человечества? Если да, то у Вас есть возможность попробовать его совершить, по-крайне мере перед Вашим монитором. 
Цель определенна, теперь надо собрать отличную команду, найти нужное оборудование, продумать все детали плана и, наконец, совершить это самое ограбление. Вы думаете кто-то это будет делать за Вас? Нет, на Ваши плечи будет возложена эта задача от начала и до конца. 
События The Masterplan развиваются в 70-х годах в красивых рисованных 2D-декорациях, и сопровождается это действо качественным саундтреком. 
Доп. информация: 
Установи играй 

Список изменений
Build 3.0: 
New Content 
• New heist: The Horse Museum ("Horseplay") 
• Bar level actually looks and sounds like a bar now 
New Features 
• Hide in the shadows: character visibility is now affected by lighting 
• Stream large audio files for faster boot times 
Bug Fixes 
• Fixed a bug where characters could sometimes see through closed doors 
• Fixed a bug causing crashes at startup 
• Fixed a bug causing incorrect fullscreen resolution on Linux 
• A ton of small tweaks and fixes that should result in an overall improved experience 
This build fixes issues that came up with the latest update. Sorry for the issues you might have encountered! 

Bug Fixes 
Fixed map background 
Fixed "The Bar" polaroid in the map not actually being from the level 
Fixed some crashing issues when looting items 
Fixed some crashing issues when getting in and out of the getaway car 
Fixed some loot items not stacking to the total cash stash in your inventory 
Fixed knocking people unconscious counting as kills and causing cleaning fee going up 
Fixed in-game mouse pointer not following the camera if camera was moved by keyboard 
Fixed some weird window flicker/stutter while starting the game on Windows 

Enjoy the fixed build! If you still run into issues, please report the on our forums or via email. Thanks for your support! 
Build 2.0: 
New Content and Features 
• Now available on Linux! 
• ...testing on Linux has been limited, so standard Early Access warnings apply - If you run into issues, please report them on our forums or via email to support (at) 
• New Heist: "The Bar" 
• Improved framerate across all platforms 
• New map screen background 
• Improved aiming & direction - You can now issue a direction where your goon will face by keeping right mouse button pressed and dragging away from issued waypoint 
Bug Fixes 
• Only show equip hot key for currently actionable items. For example, don't show hot key for ammo 
• Stop attacking if weapon is changed to a different type weapon. For example you have issued a melee command and then decide to intimidate instead and equip a gun, the character will not shoot 
• ZZZzz effect is only shown for unconscious bodies and the effect moves with the body if the body is moved to another spot 
• Disallow issuing commands beyond level bounds 
• Fix NPCs sometimes getting stuck facing the opposite direction they are going 
• Centering camera on a goon only works when quickly selecting the same goon twice. For example, if you quickly press "1" twice, it will select the first goon and then center the camera on it. 
• Bodies are only counted once towards the bodycount. Previously picking up and dropping bodies increased the bodycount. 
• Fix loot count and ammo count texts sometimes displaying incorrect amounts 
• Fixed goons sometimes picking up items from a super far 
• Fixed guards and cops not being able to walk through broken windows 
• Fixed items getting heavier and heavier if they were picked up and dropped multiple times 
• Fixed picked up and then dropped items sometimes getting permanent "Pickup"-tooltips 
• Fixed lots of issues with game crashing when pressing "New Game". 

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